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NAD C725BEE viritinvahvistin


NAD C725BEE viritinvahvistin

[ NAD-C725 ]

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699,00 €

NAD C725BEE 2-kanavainen viritinvahvistin

This is a true BEE (Bjorn Erik Edvardsen) design with all his latest developments including: PowerDrive, Distortion Canceling Circuit, BEE Clamp and an all new and more highly refined circuit layout. Based on a high current toroidal transformer – the same type found on our own high end Masters Series – the C 725BEE can provide a healthy, ultra low distortion 50 watts of continuous power.


50W x 2 Continuous Power into 8 ohms
110W, 160W, 220W, IHF Dynamic power into 8, 4 and 2 ohms, respectively
AM/FM Tuner with 30 station presets
RDS data service for FM
Controls and Plays DAB (Band III and Band L) with Optional DB 1 Module (230V Version Only)
Multisource Zone 2 with independent line level output
Speaker A and B switching
SR 8 System Remote control
ZR 5 Zone Remote
Front Panel MP Input for attaching portable MP3 Players
Controls and displays song information with optional IPD 2 Dock for iPod
Headphones socket
Relay Input Switching
Toroidal Power transformer
7 Line inputs
All discrete circuitry utilizing Class A gain modules
Short signal path from input to output
All sockets Gold plated
Tone controls defeat switch
Main-amp input & pre-amp output

Valmistaja NAD
Takuu (kk) 24
Malli NAD-C725
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