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NAD C390DD Direct Digital DAC vahvistin


NAD C390DD Direct Digital DAC vahvistin

[ NAD-C390DD ]

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NAD C390DD Direct Digital Powered DAC Amplifier

The NAD C 390DD is not only a new concept in amplification, but also in audio system architecture. First introduced in the now famous NAD M2 Direct Digital Amplifier, Direct Digital technology has been praised for its transparent, dynamic and detailed sound quality. Like the M2, the C 390DD has no analogue stages in the signal path, keeping music in the digital domain right up to the speaker outputs. All preamp functions are executed in the digital domain without the phase shift, noise and distortion that plagues all analogue designs regardless of price or pedigree. Its 35-bit architecture and 108MHz master clock also make Direct Digital one of the most accurate DAC technologies available.


Continuous Output Power (ref. 20Hz - 20kHz, rated THD):
8 ohm ≥160W
4 ohm ≥160W
Rated Distortion (THD, with AES17 and AP passive 20kHz LP filters): <0.003% (ref. 20Hz - 20kHz, 500mW - rated power)
Clipping Power: >165W (ref. 1kHz, 8 ohm, 0.1% THD)
Maximum Output Current: >18A
Signal / Noise Ratio:
>95dB (A-weighted, ref. 1W)
>124dB (A-weighted, ref. 250W)

Valmistaja NAD
Takuu (kk) 24
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